Apr 4, 2012

First look at Gareth Pugh's ballet costumes for Carbon Life

Gareth Pugh's design for Carbon Life
The fashion designer Gareth Pugh has turned costume designer for a new Wayne McGregor ballet scored by Mark Ronson that premieres tomorrow at the Royal Opera House.Which is why McGregor chose him.

"Wayne's […] only thing was to say that he never works with point shoes and tutus. He really wanted to see what my version of those things would be." Carbon Life , says Pugh, follows the company "from the naivety of when they're born, through their relationships, to what they become. I wanted [to convey] that in the costumes, so everybody starts naked, then evolves."
"The point shoe may look restrictive, but it's made in such a way the foot can do everything that it needs to do." Pugh used to dance himself, so speaks with some authority. Apparently, the pirouetting dancers "haven't had any problems" with the outfits. Which isn't to say the audience won't if those sharp-edged boots go flying.