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Tendances Mode Printemps-Été 2015
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Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2014

Tendances Mode Printemps-Eté 2014 - Fashion... by NellyRodi

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 NILIT - bodywear and active-sports wear for Fall-Winter 2013-2014 which will be presented in the NILIT BODYFASHION TRENDBOOK.

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For Fall-Winter 2013-2014, the worlds of bodywear and activewear declare fashion freedom and look forward to celebrating the spirit of individuality. Creative combination of mismatching genres interact as lingerie eclectically meets streetwear, corsets and girdles continue to influence ready-to-wear and streetwear inspires gym and fitness gear.
For this season more than ever, the essential link between the trends will be a combination of knowhow and innovation. Technical fibers will play an increasingly important role and will be skillfully engineered into bodywear and activewear to provide superb comfort, high performance and wellbeing. New standards in innovation take into account environmental concerns while maximizing the limitless possibilities offered by the new technologies.
NILIT’s consistent leadership in cutting-edge yarn technology and innovation meets the challenge and sets the standard for nylon 6.6 yarns globally. Our unique and diverse products continue to open new creative vistas which inspire a new generation of state-of-the art products that express the latest fashion trends and are in perfect harmony with the environment.
The NILIT trendbook defines the four bodywear and activewear trends for Fall-Winter 2013-14 and highlights the yarn innovations suited to these trends. Let the NILIT Trendbook inspire you to create the dynamic products which will lead the fashion trends for the coming season.
Soft Touch / Nilit Super Microfiber
“Ultra-lightness” is a key attribute for bodywear fabrics for a season in which timeless basics are revamped with an emphasis on comfort and weightlessness. Faced with today’s stressful lifestyle, everyday comfort focuses on pleasantly tactile fabrics made for relaxation and well-being. The understated style of casual luxury is enhanced by fine-gauge knits which boast fluidity, delicate softness and a powdery touch. NILIT SUPER MICROFIBER has the finest nylon 6.6 filaments ever produced and creates fabrics with maximum lightness and an ultra-light soft handle.
Glamorous Shine / Nilit Britex and Nilit Brillion
Technical and alluring, Haute Couture with an emphasis on elegance, ornamentation and shine is brought up to date by the new yarn technologies. Gleaming second-skin fabrics boast varying lusters from high gloss to new generation shine and the edgy glamour of satin finishes. NILIT Britex uniquely bright-textured yarns can be knitted with or without spandex to create fabrics with iridescence and exceptional drape. NILIT Brillion has a smooth silky hand that provides a luxurious touch and unique lustrous appearance.
Slim and Shape / Nilit Ecocare and Nilit Innergy
The quest continues for highly technical and innovative shapewear which incorporates style, comfort and sophisticated performance properties. NILIT continues to meet the challenges and demands of this growing market sector whose key products must be effective and comfortable as well as glamorous and sensuous. Adopting a holistic approach to creating shapewear with inherent cosmetic properties, NILIT INNERGY yarn revolutionizes shapewear by helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite while NILIT EcoCare recycled yarns fuse protection and well-being while responding to the challenge of environmental concerns.
Sport Protection / Nilit Aquarius and Nilit Innergy
Generating action and energy, power-packed activewear is an artful combination of style, comfort and high performance. Multifunctional garments for fitness and training take centre stage. Skillfully- engineered sports garments using high-performance fibers provide breathability, compression and moisture management. NILIT AQUARIUS yarns wick away moisture from the body and provide superb thermal protection. Compression-fit garments made from NILIT INNERGY yarns assist in the protection & warming of muscles during physical activity.

Tommy Hilfiger: House Par-tay

Tommy Hilfiger:House Par-tay Commercial
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Hilfinger has been designing premium fashion for style since 1985. Our fashion accessories celebrate the essence of Classic American Cool, Elegant and always with a twist.

Winter Fashion news -Fashion Trends
For Winter 2011/ 2012 Fashion designers,  have offered us a variety of trends, offered some are new and crazy, some beautiful and powerful and others are those we have already got accustomed to. So let's start now.
Fashion Trend 1.Androgyny (the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics)
The whole world seems to be changing,  men become more like women and women strive to look and act like men. Fashion just can’t stay aside of this global trend. And as a result we see mannish shirts, suits, boots, and hats in majority of Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 designer collections: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and others.

Fashion Trend 2. Color ( Fashion Fall/Winter Collections abound in brighter hues like crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue and others, these eye-popping tones can come in daring combinations, see Haider Ackermann, Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry Prorsum, and other designers and brands for inspiration their collections.

Fashion Trend 3. Fetish (very unexpected) The most surprising thing is that so many designers have taken it so seriously, as Marc Jacobs has built both Louis Vuitton and  Jacobs collections on fetish and dominant themes. Lady Gaga’s favorite designer Mugler, Giles, Antonio Berardi, Marios Schwab as well as Viktor & Rolf and Givenchy have all featured this trend.
Fashion Trend 4. Texture Overload, everything is mixed in  collections. Silk comes along with fur and knitwear, sequins and leather make a perfect combination and even plastic goes well with chiffon and wool.
Fashion Trend 5. Elegance, elegance is again a hot trend which is claimed. The best approach to reinvent this fashion era has been realized by Gucci, John Galliano, Miu Miu, and Jonathan Saunders.

Fashion Trend 6. Midi and Maxi skirts. Miniskirts are beautiful and always popular, especially with teenagers. But for Winter 2011/ 2012 you better embrace the longer length skirts, can look as sexy as minis because your sex appeal depends on how you wear your clothes, not the type of clothing you wear. Look midis and maxis in Dries Van Noten, Chloe, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret , Antonio Marras, St.John and other designer collections.
Fashion Trend 7.  Prints. The variety of prints in Winter 2011/ 2012 collections is huge: from tiny polka dots in Gucci and broken glass in Stella McCartney to girly paisley in Anna Sui and bold flowers in Versace. There are also baroque prints in Jonathan Saunders, photographic flowers at Giambattist Valli, Miu Miu’s, Ungaro, panthers in Givenchy’s, and plenty of other prints in other designer collections.

Fashion Trend 8. Pleats and Frills. While gender play trend is going forward at a steady gait some designers think femininity should be preserved. It’s the greatest news for those girls who don’t want to transform into strong and courageous men and prefer to remain fragile women. Pleats, frills, cute rosettes and lovely embroidery help us look romantic. And we sometimes want to look romantic, don’t we? Prettiest pleats can be found in Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior collections.
Fashion Trend 9. Zoological. Besides zoological prints, like leopard and python, to which we have already got accustomed due to the fact every single season designers use these in their creations, in Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 ranges we see lots of feathers, wild animals printed on fabric (Givenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topshop and Ungaro), hats in shape of lions and panthers at Anna Sui, etc. Fashion goes really wild.
Fashion Trend 10. Chunky Knit Sweater.Fall and winter are cold seasons, so there is no wonder why designers have included warm chunky sweaters into their collections. Missoni is the main producer of knitted sweaters. You can see a great variety of knitted items in their Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 line.
Fashion Trend 11. Fur. As with sweaters, fur is the perfect material for winter. And it looks chic, too. But with the severe struggle to protect animals designers have become wiser and started using more faux fur than genuine one. One more interesting tendency to note – designers make real fur look like fake and fake fur look like genuine.

Fashion Trend 12. Leather. Fur and leather often come together. Indeed, they make a great combination. For Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 fashion season leather is a big trend. You can go for a total leather look like Hermes offers or restrict yourself to separate items or even details in leather.
Fashion Trend 13. Layers. Despite the fact fashion experts often criticize layered looks layers are the best for colder time. The more layers, the warmer you feel, unless your layers aren’t too slinky of course. See layered looks by Gucci, Christian Dior and others.

Fashion Trend 14. Coats. Fall and winter are all about outerwear. Coats designers have offered us this season are all very diverse. Opt for a military coat from Versace, youthful and sexy cropped trench from Burberry, or luxury coat from Michael Kors or Gucci. Oscar de la Renta suggests cropped hooded coats trimmed with fur. Hermes insists we should try wider poncho style coats. As you see the variety is almost unlimited. Just go for any piece you like!

Fashion Trend 15. Wide cropped trousers. This is the shape of trousers many women try to avoid thinking those will look really unflattering. However, if styled well such trousers can look fantastic.

Fashion Trend 16. Sheer. Sheer trend isn’t the wisest for fall and winter but it is still popular. Best sheer dresses, skirts and blouses are in Christian Dior, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Mugler, Blumarine and Michael Kors collections.

Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2012