Dec 29, 2011

Kanye West is moving to the UK to become a serious fashion designer

London, Dec 28 - Kanye West, Rap superstar who currently lives in Los Angeles is moving to the UK so that he can concentrate on making his DW fashion line a success.

Kanye West, 34-year-old singer, believes if he is based in the British capital he will be able to improve his reputation as a fashion designer and was overheard telling guests at a party for the label that he is going to spending most of his time in England in the new year.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "He's close to the lecturers and students at the Central Saint Martins College  and being in London means he can stop by for advice any time.

"He'll be over here preparing his Paris Fashion Week show, due in March. He's also been looking for a studio.

"While at the party Kanye was giving models his email address."

Kanye launched his clothing line in October and named it after his late mother Donda - who passed away in November 2007 following complications from cosmetic surgery.