Mar 5, 2015

Manish Arora Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

Paris, Paris...winter is coming. Cue epic music followed up by Bowie's “Heroes” at Manish Arora, although straight off the bat you got the idea that his Khaleesi would be nobody's queen but her own. Should you forget that, your skull will be hanging from her arm, bejeweled and fleshless.Hand it to the Paris-based Indian designer. He's quite possibly the only one who could pull off a Game of Thrones-inspired collection that doesn't end up looking contrived. In his invocation of a faraway land full of strife and sorrow, Arora took the artistic license of adding a colorful overtone. Think of this as the chance encounter between Burning Man and Westeros. The thing you have to take on board is that every element on display is meaningful, and painstakingly crafted in his homeland of India.

Dissecting the embellishments would serve no purpose other than to cheapen the instinctive draw that these pieces have. For every sequined jacket, there is a cunningly cut trouser or floppy dress that carries the same DNA without the fluo trip. That use of negative space still feels fresh, a couple of seasons in.