Mar 24, 2015

Tom Ford: ‘I’m an Equal Opportunity Objectifier’

‘I’m an Equal Opportunity Objectifier’ - “The fashion world’s King of Sex has been accused of using naked women to sell just about everything. Why not, says Tom Ford, and he’s all for male nudity, too.”

“I’ve been criticized for objectifying women,” Ford said, “I’m just as happy to objectify men. The thing is, you can’t show male nudity in our culture the way you can show female nudity.” He then added, “We’re very comfortable as a culture exploiting women, but not men.” His statement rings absolutely true, and it’s one of the things feminists have been trying to fight for decades. And while Ford did not come out and call himself a feminist, he does admit to always “thinking about feminism,” and cites inspiration from his mother, who was a “great feminist.”
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